YEAR 10 – SPANISH (Australian Curriculum)

Length: Full Year
Contact: Deputy Principal

Recommended Background

Successful completion of Year 9 Spanish is essential

Course Description
This Year 10 Spanish course builds on the foundations established in Years 7 to 9 and aims to extend and develop students’ spoken and written ability in Spanish.
Students continue to develop skills in understanding and communicating, developing greater spoken and written proficiency.  They will use written and spoken Spanish to initiate and sustain conversations in a range of settings and for a range of purposes. They will learn to use language spontaneously to offer opinions on social issues, and to discuss young people’s interests, behaviours and values across cultural contexts. Students will also learn to justify their opinions, evaluate perspectives, and they will reflect on their own language learning.

Students will deepen their understanding about the culture of Spanish speaking countries, and they will explore ways in which language and culture are interrelated and influence each other.

Please note: Students are required to bring headphones, or a headset, to complete listening tasks in their language classroom.

Year 10 Students are assessed according to the Languages Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting. Assessment contains aspects of intercultural literacy; writing; conversations; role plays; listening tasks and projects.

Leads To Standard: Stage 1 Spanish (Continuers)