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SACE @ The Heights School
Year 10 into 11 Subject Selection
Year 11 into 12 Subject Selection

Building 200 Credits

Learn how students can build their credits using a combination of SACE subjects, vocational learning and training (VET), community learning, university and TAFE studies.
The value of the SACE

Provide parents with insight into how the SACE prepares students for the future with this short introduction by SACE Board Chief Executive, Professor Martin Westwell
Understanding special provisions

School isn’t always smooth sailing! Speaking directly to students, this short animation explains how adjustments to learning can help them to achieve their SACE.
Understanding moderation

What’s the difference between marking and moderation? This 90-second animation explains the moderation process, and how it ensures the SACE is fair for everyone.
How student work is marked

Why is someone other than my teacher marking my work? This two-minute animation explains how the marking process ensures each students work is being marked fairly and to the same standard as their fellow students at other schools.
Congratulations Class of 2021