Year 10 – Drama

Length: Single Semester or Full Year
Contact: Arts Leader

Recommended Background
No prerequisites.

Course Description
This course links the study of the elements of Drama and the style of a particular exponent or theorist in drama to a text which will be performed by the students in the style they have been studying.

Semester 1: An example is Animal Farm by Ian Woolridge performed in an Epic Theatre Style.

Semester 2: Contemporary Australian Drama, such as Stolen by Jane Harrison. This play introduces students to a range of styles. In this course we concentrate particularly on the non-linear and non-chronological documentary and storytelling aspects.

This information applies to each semester.

Year 10 Students are assessed according to The Arts Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting.

Assessment types comprise:

• Drama Performance and Logbook/Journal of the student’s learning journey: Performance assessment includes improvisation, workshopping and final performance.
• Response/ Review: In response to watching a live or televised performance of a play, students create a written response/review relating to the style and performance of the play.
• Portfolio: Research and creative ideas for a creative or technical role concerned with the play being studied.
This may involve students studying a practitioner such as Enoch Wesley or Brecht or a style of performance such as Epic Theatre, Storytelling, and Boal Street Theatre.

Leads To

Stage 1 Drama