Year 10 – Digital Technology A

Length: Single Semester
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommend Background

Strong interest in Digital Technology.

Course Description

In this course students will learn to develop digital solutions to issues that are important them. They will take a project from a concept, through to documentation and construction of the application. This includes coding of scripts and animation.

The course focuses on using a computational thinking, problem identification and modular solutions when creating game levels. Students who study Digital Technologies A will:

  • Focus on the coding and digital design based around the gaming industry. Using industry leading software,
  • Unreal Engine, to design, create, test and refine a game level
  • Create animations and models in Autodesk Maya for import into Unreal Engine
  • Engage in project /problem-based learning enabling students to develop valuable skills such as project management, student inquiry and systems thinking
  • Examine the social/cultural impact of gaming.


Student performance will be determined according to the Technologies Achievement Standards as outlined in the framework of the Australian Curriculum. Grades from A to E will be used for reporting purposes.

Assessment types will include:

  • Process and Production Skills (70%)
    • Game level development project (Unity-3D & Maya)
    • Design Document: Investigating, Planning, Producing and Evaluating (Python and Maya)
    • Skills exercises: Unity-3D, Maya, C#.
  • Knowledge and Understanding (30%)
    • Written Assignments (Research and analysis): The components, impact and development of Digital Systems.

Leads To

Stage 1 Digital Technology