Year 11 – English

Length: Full Year (Two 10 credit semesters OR 10 SACE Compulsory Literacy credits per semester)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

Satisfactory completion of Year 10 English and teacher recommendation.

Course Description

The English course is organised in 3 sections:

1. Responding to Texts
2. Creating Texts
3. Intertextual study.

Students will respond to and create a variety of texts across the year. Students will respond to classic and contemporary texts including a novel, film, poetry and a drama text. Students will create texts for a variety of purposes, audience and contexts, as well as developing skills in analysing texts for the author’s use of stylistic devices. Students understand that texts exist in context, and are shaped intentionally by the creator. In Stage 1 English students learn about intertextuality, and consider the relationships which exist between texts by studying a variety of texts which may include film, TV, advertisements and media texts.


Students must achieve a C grade or higher to achieve their SACE literacy requirement.
Students will complete four assessment tasks and an exam per semester.
One assessment task per semester will be an oral presentation.

Note: Students may incur additional costs for excursions, performances, etc.

Leads To

Stage 2 English
Stage 2 Essential English