Year 11 – Essential English

Length: Full Year (Two 10 credit semesters)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

Entry to this course is by teacher recommendation only. This course is designed to support students with limited literacy skills to achieve the compulsory literacy requirements of SACE.

Course Description

This subject is not recommended for students wanting to pursue English at Stage 2 or beyond. It does not provide a pathway to Stage 2 Essential English.

Stage 1 Essential English is designed for students who have a demonstrated need for support in their literacy learning. There is an emphasis on communication, comprehension, analysis, and text creation. The course is designed to support students to continue to develop the literacy skills they need to interact with others at school, in the workplace, and in the community. Students develop skills in written a d spoken expression, and have opportunities to respond to a variety of texts including film, media texts and short texts such as songs, short stories, advertisements or graphic texts.

The Essential English Course is organised into 2 sections:

1. Responding to Texts
2. Creating Texts.


Students must achieve a C grade or higher to achieve their compulsory SACE literacy requirement.
Students will complete four assessment tasks per semester.
One assessment task per semester will be an oral presentation.

Note: Students may incur additional costs for excursions, performances, etc.

Leads To

NB. Does not lead to a Stage 2 English pathway.