Year 11 – Mathematical Methods A, B & C

Length: Three modules each a single semester (Three 10 credit modules)
Contact: Maths Leader

Recommended Background

B grade or better in Year 10 Mathematics and teacher recommendation.

Course Description

Stage 1 Mathematical Methods provides the foundation for further study in mathematics in Stage 2 Mathematical Methods. It is an algebra-rich subject for students preparing for university-level studies of economics, engineering, computer sciences, and the sciences. It prepares students for courses and careers that may involve the use of statistics, such as health or social sciences.

Stage 1 Mathematical Methods consists of the following topics:

Topic 1: Functions and graphs
Topic 2: Polynomials
Topic 3: Trigonometry
Topic 4: Introduction to differential calculus
Topic 5: Growth and decay
Topic 6: Counting and statistics.
Topic 7: Matrices
Topic 8: Geometry
Topic 9: Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series

Note: A SACE approved graphics calculator is required for this subject. It is highly recommended that students purchase a suitable calculator as they commence this course.


Students will complete three summative tests and one investigation per semester course.

Leads To

Stage 2 Mathematical Methods