Year 11 – Research Project

Length: Single Semester (10 Stage 2 credits)
Contact: SACE Leader

ALL students must complete the 10-credit Research Project at Stage 2 of the SACE, with a C− grade or better.

Course Description

Students will:

  • Choose a topic of interest and develop a research question
  • Learn and apply research processes and the knowledge and skills specific to their research topic
  • Record their research and evaluate what they have learnt.

The term research is used broadly and may include practical or technical investigations, formal research, or exploratory enquiries.

Students are expected to:

  • Work independently and with others to initiate an idea, and to plan and manage a research project
  • Demonstrate the learning capability and 1 other chosen capability
  • Analyse information and explore ideas to develop their research
  • Develop and apply specific knowledge and skills
  • Communicate and evaluate their research outcome
  • Evaluate the research processes used and their chosen capability.

Assessment (Both ATAR accredited)

Research Project A

  • Folio (30%)
  • Research Outcome (40%)
  • Review (external assessment – 30%).

Maximum of 1500 words if written. Maximum of 10 minutes for an oral presentation. Equivalent in multimodal form.

Research Project B

  • Folio (30%)
  • Research Outcome (40%)
  • Evaluation (30%).

A maximum of 2000 words if written or a maximum of 12 minutes for an oral presentation, or the equivalent in multimodal form.

Note: We strongly advise that Research Project B be undertaken for those students on a University pathway.