Year 11 – Visual Art

Length: Single Semester or Full Year (10 credits each semester)
Contact: Arts Leader

Recommended Background

Advantage: Satisfactory completion of a Year 10 Visual Art or as recommended by an Arts Teacher.

Course Description

Area of Study 1: Visual Study
Students study 3 artists and analyse, respond, reflect and evaluate their work.
Students reproduce 3 pieces of work to learn / adopt different styles and techniques.

Area of Study 2: Visual Thinking (Folio)
Students produce a folio of work that documents their visual learning, in support of their major resolved visual artwork.

Area of Study 3: Practical Resolution (The Practical including a Practitioner’s Statement)
Finished art works could take the form of a painting or drawing but could also include more diverse products such as video, installation, assemblage, digital imaging, mixed media, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, or textiles. Students provide an explanation of their intended meaning and evaluation of their own work through a Practitioner’s Statement.


  • Visual Study (30%)
  • Folio (40%)
  • Practical (30%)

Leads To

Stage 2 Visual Arts