Year 11 – Community Studies

Length: Single Semester (10 credits each semester)
Contact: SACE Leader

Recommended Background

No prerequisites. Students perform better where they have a personal interest they wish to pursue.

Course Description

Community Studies provides the student with autonomy in deciding the focus and direction of a community activity they wish to undertake. Students expand and enhance their skills and understanding in a guided and supported learning program, by beginning from a point of personal interest, skill or knowledge, and setting challenging and achievable goals in a community activity.

Students may complete more than one community activity and complete more than one contract of work. At Stage 2 the contracts fall into specific categories and there cannot be more than one contract per category.

  • Arts and the Community
  • Communication and the Community
  • Foods and the Community
  • Health, Recreation, and the Community
  • Science, Technology and the Community
  • Work and the Community.

Note: Community Studies cannot be studied for the purpose of gaining an ATAR. Nor can Community Studies be studied within another subject or community activity, for example The Arts.


Contract of work includes:

• Development of contract
• Folio
• Presentation.

External Assessment

• Reflection.

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