Year 11 – Society and Culture

Length: Single Semester
Contact: HASS Leader

Recommended Background

Advantage: Grade C or higher in History and /or English.

Course Description

Society and Culture aims to develop students’ understanding of how contemporary societies and culture – Australia and globally – operate and change. Students will develop their skills in debate, analysis, empathy and perspective taking, and understanding the connections between different groups of people. A key focus will be on strategies to achieve positive social change in our world.

The topics discussed and investigated will involve power, conflict, race, gender, religion, politics, class, human rights, arts and recreation from a cultural perspective.


  • Popular Youth Culture
  • Global Conflicts
  • Rights of Marginalized Australians
  • Individual Investigation


There will be individual and group assessment tasks including researching, written work, oral presentations, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Note: Students need to have a sound standard of literacy, analysis and interpretation skills. There is a great deal of reading, comprehension and debate in this course.

Leads To

Stage 2 Society and Culture