Year 11 – Engineering and Drafting (CAD)

Length: Single Semester (10 credits)
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

No prerequisites. Advantage: Successful completion of Year 10 CAD / CAM. Those with no experience will be guided through the basics.

Course Description

The course gives students the opportunity to develop an understanding of Technical Drawing practices that are used in the construction and manufacturing sectors (drafting). The techniques and methods used conform to the Australian Standards. Set tasks will require the use of CAD software, Inventor. Students will be exposed to 2 and 3 dimensional drawing systems. A major design task and folio are a required component of this course.

Where possible, students will be given the opportunity to design and produce a small item using a computer controlled milling machine and/or laser cutting machine (modelling and prototyping with CAD / CAM).


Consist of:

  • Two Specialised Skills Tasks
  • One Design Process (Folio) and Solution.

Leads To
Stage 2 Engineering and Drafting (CAD)