Year 11 – Electronics [Robotic and Electronic Systems]

Length: Single Semester (10 credits)
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

No prerequisites.
Recommended: Successful completion of Year 10 Electronics.

Course Description

Students will be involved in designing, making and critiquing printed circuit boards. Circuit and product analysis is undertaken and a range of theory topics are taught including component recognition and function; soldering and circuit documentation. Students will learn to read schematic wiring diagrams and prototype circuits before they are manufactured. Integrated circuits and robotics are also covered. Circuit measurements are made using a multimeter.


Consist of:

  • Two Specialised Skills Tasks
  • One Design Process (Folio) and Solution
  • A Folio containing evidence of the design process and other written work is to be submitted at the conclusion of the course.

Note: School fees cover the basic learning objectives, although additional payments may be required to cover the cost of additional materials.

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