Year 12 – Music

Length: Full Year

  • Music Explorations/Music Studies: 20 SACE credits.
  • Ensemble/Solo Performance 10 credits

Contact: Arts Leader

Recommended Background
Successful completion of two semesters of Stage 1 Music.

Any Solo, Ensemble or Explorations students (studying performance/technique focus) MUST own or hire an instrument ($50.00 per term) and MUST attend a 30min Instrumental Music lesson (or be accessing private tuition) as part of this course (with the exception of a technology focus). (Please note that piano tuition is not available through Instrumental Music Service in-school, lessons will need to be accessed externally).

Course Description

Year 12 Music can be undertaken through a variety of Stage 2 courses. Students are encouraged to choose either Music Explorations or Music Studies depending on their theoretical knowledge and ability. Solo Performance and Ensemble Performance are offered as supplementary courses as addition credits; or as options for ‘offline’ students to undertake Music at Year 12.

The classroom course content will focus around developing students understanding of the musical elements in the styles of Jazz, Blues & Popular music genres; and performing as part of a classroom ensemble within those styles on their chosen instrument.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Performance Standards, as outlined by the SACE Board. Grades A+ to E- will be used for reporting purposes.

Assessment of Stage 2 Music Explorations

School-based Assessment

  • Music Literacy (30%): Lead Sheet Melody Composition & Composer’s Statement, Comparative
  • Analysis of the same piece in two contrasting styles and Live Performance Review
  • Explorations (40%): Portfolio of short performances, compositions or musical products. Commentary in a multimodal form of up to 6 minutes.

External assessment:

  • Creative Connections (30%): Performance (6-8 minutes), or Composition/Arrangement (3-4 minutes) and Discussion and Analysis of creative work (7 minutes).

Assessment of Stage 2 Music Studies

School-based Assessment:

  • Creative Works (40%): Ensemble or Solo Performance (10-12 min) and Creator’s Statement (750 words)
  • Musical Literacy (30%): Jazz Contrafact Analysis, Dave Brubeck Quartet ‘Time Out’ Analysis, use of
  • Folk Songs in Classical Music.

External assessment:

  • Examination (30%): Theory, aural and harmony skills.

Assessment of Ensemble Performance or Solo Performance

School-based Assessment:

  • Performance 1 (30%): Live audience (6-8 min)
  • Performance 2 and Discussion (40%): Live audience (6-8 min) and discussion of musical works and development (800 words).

External assessment:

  • Performance Portfolio (30%): Live audience (6-8 min) and evaluation of learning (500 words).