Year 12 – English Literary Studies

Length: Full Year (20 SACE credits)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

B grade or higher in Stage 1 English Literary Studies and /or teacher recommendation.

Course Description

Stage 2 Literary Studies focuses on the development of three components:

  • Responding to Texts: Students engage in the shared study of a variety of extended literary texts, including a novel, a play and poetry. Students also complete a critical perspectives study where they apply two or more critical lenses to their study of a shared text
  • Creating Texts: Students create two texts for different purposes, audiences and contexts. One of the texts will be a creative transformation with a writer’s statement
  • Text Study: Students complete two parts for this externally assessed component, a Comparative Text Study and a Critical reading Examination.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Performance Standards, as outlined by the SACE Board. Grades A+ to E- will be used for reporting purposes.

School-based assessment:

  • Responding to Texts (50%)
  • Creating Text (20%).

External assessment:

  • Text Study (30%).

Note: Students may incur additional costs for excursions and performances that support learning within this subject.