Year 12 – English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)

Length: Full Year (20 SACE credits)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

This subject is only available to eligible students. Students will receive an eligibility letter, which must be shown at course confirmation.

Course Description

Stage 2 EALD consists of three components:

  • Academic Literacy Study: Students develop their academic literacy skills through creating written and oral academic texts and extending their communication skills and strategies
    • Students investigate a question or a topic and present their findings in an academic style by producing two tasks, a written report and an oral interaction, such as a tutorial or discussion
    • Responses to texts: Students complete four responses to a range of texts, at least one of which must be a literary text. At least one response must be presented in oral form and two must be in written form
    • Examination
  • Understanding Multimodal Texts: Students respond to and analyse aural and /or visual texts. In their answers to questions, students must use information from the texts. Texts may be drawn from a range of oral and visual text types such as discussions, interviews, broadcasts, podcasts, lectures, and advertisements
  • Written Paper: Students read and interpret related texts and use the information and opinions in the texts to produce an extended written response.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Performance Standards, as outlined by the SACE Board. Grades A+ to E- will be used for reporting purposes.

School-based assessment:

  • Academic literacy study (30%)
  • Responses to texts (40%).

External assessment:

  • Examination 30%.