Year 12 – General Mathematics

Length: Full Year (20 SACE credits)
Contact: Maths Leader

Recommended Background

Grade B or higher in Stage 1 General Mathematics or satisfactory completion of Mathematics Methods, or teacher recommendation.

Course Description

Stage 2 General Mathematics extends students’ mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem solving. A problem based approach is integral to the development of mathematical models and the associated key concepts in the topics. Topics cover a diverse range of applications of mathematics, including personal financial management, the statistical investigation process, modelling using linear and non-linear functions, and discrete modelling using networks and matrices.

Stage 2 General Mathematics topics include:

  • Modelling with Linear Relationships
  • Modelling with Matrices
  • Statistical Models
  • Financial Models
  • Discrete Models.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Performance Standards, as outlined by the SACE Board. Grades A+ to E- will be used for reporting purposes.

School-based Assessment:

  • Skills and Application Tasks (40%)
  • Investigations Folio (30%).

External Assessment:

  • Examination (30%).

Note: A SACE approved Scientific Calculator is required.