Year 12 – Furniture Construction [Material Solutions]

Length: Full Year (20 SACE credits)
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

No prerequisites.

Successful completion of Stage 1 Furniture Construction is recommended. Those with no experience will be guided through the basics.

Course Description

In Stage 2 Furniture construction (Material Solutions) students learn basic cabinet making skills before designing and constructing their own piece, or pieces of furniture. Students will need to produce a comprehensive folio documenting the design process of their furniture. Their folio includes investigations, sketches, technical drawings, costing and evaluation. Students will learn how to operate a range of woodworking machines and hand tools, including OHS requirements.

Note: School fees cover the basic learning objectives, although additional payments will be required to cover the cost of any additional materials.


Students’ performance will be determined according to the subject’s Performance Standards, as outlined by
the SACE Board. Grades A+ to E- will be used for reporting purposes.

School-based Assessment:

  • 2 Specialist Skills Tasks (20%): Students must show evidence of these tasks and evaluate them. (Up to 1000 words or 6 minutes in multi modal form)

  • Design Process (Folio) and Solution (50%): This may be a major design project or a series of up to 3 smaller design tasks. (Up to 2000 words or 12 minutes in multi modal or combination).

External Assessment:

Resource Study is marked externally and is comprised of the following 2 parts:

  • Part One: Resource Investigation
  • Part Two: Issue Exploration.

The Resource study is presented in written or multi modal form. Written maximum of 2000 words or equivalent in multi modal form, where 1000 words is equivalent to 6 minutes.