Year 9 – Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Length: Full Year
Contact: HASS Leader

Course Description

In the Year 9 course, students continue to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in four distinct subjects:

History: Industrial Revolution and World War One

Geography: Landforms and Landscapes or Changing Nations

Civics and Citizenship: How political parties, interest groups, media and individuals influence governments and decision-making processes and the features and principles of Australia’s court system. They also examine global connectedness and how this shapes contemporary Australian society

Economics and Business: Resource allocation and making choices, business environment, consumer and financial literacy and work and work futures.

Students will continue to develop their understanding of the concepts that underpin and connect learning in HASS and apply them within and between each subject.


Year 9 Students are assessed according to the Humanities and Social Sciences Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through a range of individual and collaborative assessment formats such as, research assignments, essays, multi-modal presentations, oral presentations, articles, audio and/or video presentations, websites and excursion reports.

Leads To

Year 10 History