Year 9 – Science

Length: Full Year
Contact: Science Leader

Course Description

In year 9, students explore systems at different scales and connect microscopic and macroscopic properties to explain phenomena. They also develop their science inquiry skills and the notion of science as a human endeavour.

Students study a variety of topics in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics. They are able to improve their understanding of scientific concepts and learn how these are applied to practical situations. Students develop inquiry skills such as questioning and predicting, planning and conducting investigations, analysing data and information, evaluating and communicating.

Students explore ways in which the human body as a system responds to its external environment and the interdependencies between biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems. Students are introduced to the notion of the atom as a system of protons, electrons and neutrons, and how this system can change through nuclear decay. Students are introduced to the concept of the conversation of matter and begin to develop a more sophisticated view of energy transfer. Students begin to apply their understanding of energy and forces to global systems such as continental movement.


Year 9 Students are assessed according to the Science Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting.

Assessment types include tests, skills and application tasks and investigations.

Leads To

Year 10 Science