Year 9 – Music

Length: Full Year
Contact: Arts Leader

Course Description

Year 9 Music is designed for both beginning and continuing music students and is ran as either a full year subject. Semester 1 aims to provide a beginner approach to learning an instrument, playing in an ensemble and understanding music literacy skills (reading and writing music). Semester 2 is a continuation of this learning further developing skills from Semester 1, including composing and improvising in Music.

As an expectation, students are required to be learning an instrument as part of this course. (Please note that piano tuition is not available through Instrumental Music Service in-school, lessons will need to be accessed externally). If students do not own their own instrument they will be asked to hire an instrument for the cost of $50.00 per term. It is highly recommended that students learn an instrument from the Brass/Woodwind families as places for Guitar and Drums are limited.

Students will have access to a half an hour group lesson each week with a specialist teacher on their instrument. It is an expectation that students attend this lesson each week.

Students develop a deeper understanding of the Elements of Music and how they are manipulated to create and respond to musical works. They perform as a class ensemble to a variety of audiences throughout the year, demonstrating their learning. There is a focus on popular music styles such as: Rock, Pop, Funk and Punk; along with a focus on the Blues which leads into further focus on Jazz music in Year 10 onwards.


Year 9 Students are assessed according to The Arts Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting.

Assessment types comprise:
• Solo Performance
• Ensemble Performance
• Applied Theory/ Ear Training/ Terminology
• Arranging Skills (How to work out chords, how to write a bass line and harmony line to give a melody).
• Use of ICT to enter arrangement (Sibelius/ MuseScore3).

Leads To

Year 10 Music