Year 9 – Design and Technologies

Engineering and Drafting (CAD)
Electronic Engineering
Metal Technology
Wood Technology

Length: All four Year 9 subjects in Technologies are 1 Semester each
Contact: Technologies Leader

Course Description

Design & Technologies are divided into 2 main subject areas:

Engineering Principles and Systems
• Engineering and Drafting (CAD) (1 Semester)
• Electronic Engineering (1 Semester).

In this course students investigate and make judgments on how the characteristics and properties of materials are combined with force, motion and energy to create engineered solutions.

Material Specialisations
• Metalwork (1 Semester)
• Woodwork (1 Semester)

In this course students focus on how the characteristics and properties of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment can be combined to create their design project.

In all 4 of these technologies subjects, students use the design process (Investigating, Planning, Producing and Evaluating) to develop solutions to a design challenge or problem. Students learn and develop safe, workshop skills and work both individually and collaboratively to develop design solutions. They will learn to select and use appropriate technologies, communicate graphically, document plans, and manage sequenced workshop processes. Students establish criteria for success, including sustainability considerations and use these to evaluate their ideas, processes and final designed solutions.


Year 9 Students are assessed according to the Technologies Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting.

Assessment types include both practical and theory tasks.

Leads To

Year 10 – Engineering and drafting (CAD)
Year 10 – Electronic Engineering
Year 10 – Metal Technology
Year 10 – Wood Technology