Year 10 – Food Technology

Length: Single Semester
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

No prerequisites. A strong interest in the food and hospitality industry is beneficial.

Course Description

The Year 10 Food and Hospitality focusses on developing and expanding students’ culinary skills.

Students will work individually and collaboratively, developing skills in working effectively with others to plan, prepare and present and serve a wide variety of foods.

Through a range of practical and theoretical activities students learn skills and gain knowledge in:

  • Preparation techniques
  • Cooking techniques
  • The creative presentation of dishes.

Topics used as the basis for learning include:

  • Multicultural Cooking
  • Recipe Development
  • Foundations of Baking
  • Café Operations.


Assessment types will include both practical assessments and written assignments and include a focus on collaboration skills as well as individual culinary skills.

Additional Information: Basic project materials are supplied, however students may be required to pay additional costs if their projects exceed the allocated amount.

Leads To

Stage 1 Food and Hospitality