Year 11 -Food Technology (Sandwich Shop and Patisserie) 

Length: Single Semester or Full Year (10 OR 20 credits)
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

No pre-requisites.

Year 10 Food Technology (MasterChef) would be an advantage.

Course Description

Food Technology is an innovative new course that is designed to develop student’s Industry Awareness and Entrepreneurial Thinking alongside their practical skills, through engaging in learning how to design a sustainable hospitality business. Our business model in semester 1 will be a Sandwich Shop in which students will work towards designing the ultimate sandwich. Students will engage in 2 skills tasks focussing on bread making and condiments/sauces before refining their techniques of cooking the perfect protein for a sandwich. Students will primarily work as an individual during the design process communicating their thinking through a folio of work underpinned by the design cycle. To deepen students understanding of entrepreneurial thinking in the Hospitality Industry there will be presentations from small local hospitality businesses discussing their journey to success. 

In second semester students will engage in 2 skills tasks focusing on pastry and mousses and refined presentation techniques. Success in these skills tasks will support students in working towards designing, creating and serving a high tea menu to guests as their major assessment. This semester has more of a focus on Industry standards specialising in serving customers and creating a successful hospitality business. This semester students work more collaboratively to design and produce a variety of menu items to suit their design brief. Students document their design thinking and understanding in a folio of work which is underpinned by the design cycle.

Assessment in each course

Consist of:

  • Two Specialised Skills Tasks
  • One Design Process (Folio) and Solution
  • A Folio containing evidence of the design process and other written work is to be submitted at the conclusion of each semester course.

Leads To
Stage 2 – Food Design (Food Technology)