Year 11 – English Literary Studies

Length: Full Year (10 SACE Compulsory Literacy credits per semester)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

B Grade or better in Year 10 English, or by teacher recommendation.

Course Description

The Pre-Literary Studies course is organised in 3 sections:

1. Responding to Texts
2. Creating Texts
3. Intertextual/Comparative study.

Students will respond to and create a variety of texts across the year, with a literary focus. Students will respond to classic and contemporary texts with literary merit, including a novel, film, poetry and a drama text. Students will continue to apply skills in critical theory, learning how to use a variety of critical perspectives in their response to a text. Students will also refine their expressive skills by creating a variety of texts for imaginative, aesthetic and creative purposes. Students will develop skills in high level comparative analysis, learning to compare and contrast texts critically. In Stage 1 English Literary studies, students critically examine the cultural and artistic value of texts and authors, with a particular focus on classic or literary texts.


Students will provide evidence of their learning through four assessment tasks, with at least one from each of the assessment types listed above. At least one assessment task each semester will be an oral presentation. As this is a compulsory SACE subject at Stage 1, students must achieve a C-grade or higher to receive their compulsory SACE Literacy Credits.

Note: Students may incur additional costs for excursions, performances, etc.

This course is designed to prepare students for Stage 2 Literary Studies and, as such, there is a greater emphasis on studying literary texts than in the Stage 1 English.

Leads To

Stage 2 English
Stage 2 Literary Studies