Year 11 – English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Length: Full Year (Two 10 credit semesters)
Contact: English Leader

Recommended Background

This subject is only available to eligible students. Students will receive an eligibility letter, which must be shown at course confirmation.

Course Description

Stage 1 EAL focuses on the development and use of skills and strategies in communication, comprehension, language and text analysis, and creating texts. Students read and view a variety of texts, including literary, media, and everyday texts, such as novels, plays, short stories, biographies, films, documentaries, web texts and social networking texts. Students create a range of texts for different real and imagined purposes. Students continue to develop their verbal communication by engaging in interactive studies in the form of a discussion, interview, podcast or oral/multimodal presentations.


Students will complete the following assessment types:

1. Responding to Texts
2. Interactive Study
3. Language Study.

Leads To

Stage 2 EAL
Stage 2 English
Stage 2 Essential English