Year 11 – Music

Length: Full Year (20 credits)
Contact: Arts Leader

Recommended Background

Recommendation: Successful completion of Year 10 music. Students MUST own or hire an instrument ($50.00 per term) and MUST attend a 30min Instrumental Music lesson as part of this course. (Please note that piano tuition is not available through Instrumental Music Service in school, lessons will need to be accessed externally).

Course Description

Year 11 Music is presented as a Stage 1 Music Advanced course where students continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of the elements of music, and their technical/expressive ability on their chosen instrument/s. There is a focus on the elements of Jazz music, particularly looking at harmony, melody, expressive and rhythmic style. A variety of styles are explored as part of a class ensemble and in solo performance.

Making students refine and practice a variety of music as part of an ensemble and as a solo artist, including improvisation. They present this learning in the form of live performances. Students continue to build on their understanding of stylistic devices to arrange and compose music in the styles of Swing, Latin and Pop. Responding students continue to develop their music literacy skills both visually and aurally. They analyse how the elements of music are used particularly in the styles of Swing and Latin, and how composers make musical decisions in the music they perform. Students reflect on the development of their own repertoire as part of the class ensemble.


• Making – Ensemble Performance, Solo Performance, Jazz Combo Arrangement

• Responding – Theory/Aural Test, Score/Song Analysis, Reflection and Evaluation.

Leads To

Stage 2 Music