Year 11 – Modern History

Length: Single Semester (10 credits)
Contact: HASS Leader

Recommended Background

Advantage: Satisfactory completion of Year 10 Geography, History and/or English.

Course Description

In the study of Modern History at Stage 1, students explore changes within the world since 1750, examining developments and movements of significance, the ideas that inspired them, and their short- and long-term consequences on societies, systems, and individuals.

Students explore the impacts that these developments and movements had on people’s ideas, perspectives, and circumstances. They investigate ways in which people, groups, and institutions challenge political structures, social organisation, and economic models to transform societies.

Two topics will be covered from:

  • Imperialism
  • Decolonisation
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Social Movements
  • Revolution
  • Elective.


  • Course Work / Folio
  • Issues Study
  • Individual or Group Presentation.

Leads To

Stage 2 Modern History