Year 11 – Physics 1 & 2

Length: Full Year (10 credits per semester)
Full year required to undertake Stage 2 Physics
Contact: Science Leader

Recommended Background

Completion of Year 10 Science and Mathematics with B Grade or better and/or teacher recommendation.

Course Description

The study of Physics is constructed around using qualitative and quantitative models, laws, and theories to better understand matter, forces, energy, and the interaction among them. Physics seeks to explain natural phenomena, from the subatomic world to the macro cosmos, and to make predictions about them. The models, laws, and theories in physics are based on evidence obtained from observations, measurements, and active experimentation over thousands of years.

By studying physics, students understand how new evidence can lead to the refinement of existing models and theories and to the development of different, more complex ideas, technologies, and innovations.

Physics 1 (Semester 1)

Is an introductory course covering four topics – Waves, Light and Sound; Energy Work and Power; and Motion. The course is mainly conceptual with some mathematical problem solving.

Physics 2 (Semester 2)

Is more rigorous, with a greater focus on numerical problem solving, including the use of vectors. It covers the topics of Forces including Newton’s Laws of Motion; Momentum, and Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity.


Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

  • Investigations Folio – practical work, research assignment
  • Skills and Application tasks – tests, oral presentation, end of Semester exam.

Leads To

Stage 2 Physics