Year 11 – Furniture Construction

Length: Single Semester or Full Year (10 OR 20 credits)
Contact: Technologies Leader

Recommended Background

Completion of Year 10 Woodwork is an advantage but not essential. Those with no experience will be guided through the basics.

Course Description

During one semester of study students develop such skills as basic cabinet making skills before designing and constructing their own piece, or pieces of furniture. A small cabinet with 1 or 2 fitted doors is the basic requirement. Students will need to produce a comprehensive folio documenting the design process of their chosen design. The other semester students experience basic wood turning and framing joint skills before designing and constructing a traditional table consisting of a turned central column, 4 shaped legs and a top.

Note: School fees cover the basic learning objectives, although payments will be required to cover the cost of any additional materials.


Consist of:

  • Two Specialised Skills Tasks
  • One Design Process (Folio) and Solution
  • A Folio containing evidence of the design process and other written work is to be submitted at the conclusion of the course.

Leads To
Stage 2 – Furniture Construction