Year 9 – Digital Technology A

Length: Single Semester
Contact: Technologies Leader

Course Description

In this Year 9 course students learn how to design and construct game levels in Unity-3D and develop assets/models in Maya. Students plan and manage digital projects using an interactive approach; they design and implement modular programs, including an object-orientated program, using algorithms and data structures involving modular functions that reflect the relationships within the game engine and game design documents.

By the end of the course, students will know how to go from a concept (idea), such as a computer/video game, to its documentation and construction of the level(s) of that game. This includes coding of scripts and animation as well as using computational thinking to solve challenges.


Year 9 Students are assessed according to the Technologies Achievement Standards outlined in the Australian Curriculum, with A-E Grades used for reporting.

Assessments comprise:

  • Process and Production Skills
    • Game Level Development Project Utilising Unity-3D Design Document To include: Investigating, Planning, Producing and Evaluating.
    • Skills Exercises, In Unity-3D and Maya.
  • Knowledge and Understanding
    • Research and written assignments: Impact and development of Digital Systems and how various components work.

Leads To

Year 10 Digital Technology A
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